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Warranty for Windows. offers a full 5 year parts and labour warranty against seal failure on all replacement thermal glass in vinyl residential windows. Should the seals fail on your windows in regular residential use, we will supply and install the exact same unit for no cost to you in the first 5 years after our install.

Warranty is voided if additional recommended professional work is not done within 3 months of install or if windows are altered in any way.


Warranty for caulking work

The manufacture warranty is 20 years providing area of construction is in acceptable condition; i.e – No concrete deterioration or damaged glass/metal. We additionally provide a 10 year warranty on labor, which provides coverage for any failed sealant.


Warranty for hardware repairs offers a 1 year warranty on any hardware repairs.  If the hardware installed by us fails to operate properly within one year of install, we will replace it free of charge.