We are currently not able to take on wood repairs – we apologize for the inconvenience.


Wood framed windows, when taken care of properly, can be a long lasting beautiful part of your home for many years. As they are exposed to the elements outside, to animals, and the wages of time, they can become soft and some areas can rot.

WindowFix.ca specializes in the replacement of rotting wood at the base of your wood windows. (We cannot replace the wood trim around windows, or wood that is against the glass of your windows).  Within certain parameters, we can replace the rotting wood with new wood, that is primed and ready for your painter to paint so that you can enjoy many more years out of your window.


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Before: bottom of window had excessive wood rot.
After: bottom of window was replaced with new wood.


Our business only specializes in residential window repairs, (we do not do commercial work) it is all that we do, and for that reason, we have developed a proprietary system to be able to give you an INSTANT, FIRM, and completely FREE written estimate to do these repairs for you. Please read all this information carefully, as it contains important information about your hardware replacement/repair quote.Why do we not go to your home to quote for these repairs? Our experience in window repairs allows our technicians to effectively quote the work based on a few pieces of information.

If you advise us of the issues that you are experiencing with your window (crank won’t open or fully close window, window is loose or threatening to fall off, excessive rust on the hardware, etc.) we can then give you an estimate to replace the hardware, make the necessary adjustments, and do our 12 Point Quality Inspection to ensure everything is working optimally. We can typically book the repair for the same or next business day. Our hardware repairs carry a 1 year parts parts and labour warranty unless otherwise stated.

We look forward to helping you with these repairs.