If your windows slide up and down and are not functioning properly, there can be various issues that are causing the problem. Windowfix.ca can repair these issues, as we specialize in the repair of residential windows. Did you know that when you call a window company, they know how to sell and install new windows, but know NOTHING about the repair of your windows? Many of our clients are amazed when we come in and repair their windows to like new condition, and yet they had window companies come in and quote them THOUSANDS of dollars to replace their windows.

  • Can you not lift the window up?
  • Does the window keep falling when it is up, and the sash weighs a lot and you are concerned that it might break the glass when it falls down?
  • Are the locks not locking in place on the window?
  • Does your sash window feel like it is not closing properly after locked, or you are feeling airflow from the edges or middle?
  • Does it feel like one side of the window is connected, and the other side is not and it is lopsided?