When the thermal seal of your window breaks (due to house settling, improper installation, weather or home renovations), many people believe that they need to install all new windows. This is simply not true. Many people also believe that the gas inside can be replaced by using a technique to drill a small hole in the window, and replace it. Sadly, this technique has a very low success rate over time, and we do not recommend this type of repair. See our video on the subject here.

Window glass replacement is our specialty. We can quote your project within minutes of receiving your information, (During business hours) and often can be out the same day to get exact measurements and to order the glass. Delivery and installation of most thermal glass is 5-7 business days.

We generally install glass with the same qualities of the glass you currently have. Some clients ask for upgraded Low-E options, different grid options (or to remove grids altogether from their window styles and have clear glass). There are many different options when you are replacing your glass, and we can certainly discuss these when you contact us.