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Why an online quote system? How does that work?


When we introduced our online quote system through our website, people wondered how it was going to work?  “How can you accurately quote my job without seeing the window?” they would ask.  That’s a great question – and one we will address here.

  1. This system ensures that all the information we are given is accurate (as you are entering it) and fewer mistakes occur with phone numbers and email addresses being wrong.
  2. It is fast!  With our proprietary software, our system calculates your quote (based on your measurements and counts) adds in something to allow for variances, and sends the quote to you within a FEW MINUTES of you sending it!  This saves you time and money and allows you to make your decision quickly.
  3. When your information is entered, you receive a confirmation immediately, giving you peace of mind that we have received it, and will get your quote out to you shortly after that (during business hours).
  4. Your quote will arrive complete with pricing, timelines for both measuring (if needed for window glass) and timelines for install.  You will know how long the whole process will take, in a clearly written email.
  5. You can always follow up with us by phone (289-242-8439) or return email.  We respond very quickly during business hours.

Other commonly asked questions:


I don’t trust myself to measure my window glass?  How do I do that?
With a measuring tape or ruler, measure the VISIBLE GLASS (what you can see, edge to edge where the glass is) of your window using inch measurements.   Don’t worry about what’s beyond that edge, we take care of that when we calculate the quote.

My glass has a special coating on it?  Will the new glass have this?
Great question!  Our standard quote is for builders grade LowE glass.  This is in 90% of the homes that we work on, and works out to about 15-20 more than clear glass.  When we come to your home to do the actual measurement, we will use our laser measuring meter to confirm the exact type of window glass that you have, and manufacture your glass to those specifications as well.

Don’t you have to see it to quote it? I’m not sure I trust an online quote system.
For window glass replacement all we require to quote is the location of and type of window (vinyl or wood), the age of the windows, and whether it has internal grids/design.

How long will I have to wait to get a quote through your online quote system?
Standard turnaround to have your quote sent, during business hours, is 5-10 minutes. You will receive a detailed quote, with pricing and timelines for appointments, and timelines to job completion.

You mention grids – what exactly are “grids”?
Some call them mullions, or muntins.  Either way, they are designs either in between the window glass, or on top of it.  Typically in a square pattern, sometimes in a diamond or “prairie” style with a stylized square pattern.  In this image, the middle window glass has no grids, the sides have a 2 x 4 pattern white  internal grid.  You would write 2 across by 4 down for this grid pattern.


We hope this information has been helpful.

You can get quotes for your window work here.  Just choose the appropriate quote for glass, caulking, or window hardware.