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If you have called us about replacing a broken window crank in your window these are the instructions to measure the crank.

Please remove the screen from your windows in order to give us the clearest picture.
If your window can be opened and closed (manually), take a tape measure and measure the long arm and of the crank as below:

Window Crank Measure

Measuring long arm of window crank

Window Crank measure short arm

And if there is a short arm, measure as above: (note – metal arm connecting window to the house is a hinge, not part of the crank mechanism)


If you CANNOT open the crank, or do not want to because you won’t be able to close it, please do these measurements on another window of similar size. We just need to know the orientation (left or right as you are looking from inside – for reference, the window in the above photos opens to the RIGHT) of the broken crank.

Some cranks only have one arm, and some will have different configurations. Information that is helpful is:

1. Whether the window opens to the right or to the left

2. Wood or vinyl windows

3. Quantity of cranks that need to be replaced (volume discount for 3 or more windows, and for 6 or more windows)

4. Age of house and windows

Email us (click here) with your photos and we can coordinate the replacement of your cranks.


The pictures on this page are courtesy of our valued clients, George and Glenna. Thank you so much for your great photography skills!