These measurements are for quoting purposes, actual measures will be done on site.

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Important Information About Your Quote

Our business specializes in residential window repairs, it is all that we do, and for that reason, we have developed a proprietary system to be able to give you an INSTANT, FIRM, and completely FREE written estimate to do these repairs for you. Please read all this information carefully, as it contains important information about your glass quote.

Why do we not go to your home right away to get this information? We do hundreds of window glass replacements every month, and our technicians can effectively quote the work based on just a few pieces of information.

We specialize in replacing JUST THE GLASS (double pane) of your windows, into your existing frame. 90% of window problems can be solved with repairs, whether it is new glass, new hardware (cranks, hinges, locks) or other adjustments and repairs. Drilling a hole into your window to “re-seal” the glass and clean it up, will NOT fix a fogging issue, which is a break in the thermal seal along the perimeter of the double glass. We do not recommend this method, as the fog continues to come back as you cannot “re-seal” a thermal glass unit! See this video here for explanation.

With your visible glass measurements, we can then give you a firm estimate to accurately measure, manufacture, and install a new thermal unit. We can typically book the measure for the next business day, and most windows are ready to install within 5-7 business days. Our thermal glass carries a 5-year parts and labour warranty against seal failure when installed in vinyl framed windows.

Please note – when only one side of a double-paned glass unit has broken, you CANNOT replace only one side of the glass. In order to have a full thermal seal, a new double-paned glass unit must be manufactured.
We look forward to helping you with these repairs.