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Fixing Windows

Are your windows broken? Are they difficult to open or close, or not functioning properly? Do you feel cold drafts in the winter or have condensation that builds up between the glass? Are your windows wet to the touch in the winter? Maybe your exterior window caulking requires replacement or your brick lintel is cracked and needs masonry repairs.

Enter is the only full service window repair company in the GTA. All we specialize in is window repairs, and nothing else. We don’t sell new windows, and we will never try to sell you new windows.

Out of this, was born. We have transitioned our previous business model to one that focuses only on window repairs, and our clients love the fact that they can have beautiful working windows, that work like new in most cases, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole window. Call us today at 289-242-8439 to help repair your broken window.