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Important Information About Your Exterior Caulking Quote

We would be happy to take care of your exterior caulking. We price per opening on the house, so for example, the garage door, front door, windows, sliding door, basement windows are all openings. If you count all the openings on your home, we price per opening to remove all existing caulking (where appropriate), fill in any voids with foam, and professionally recaulk in the colour of your choice. Pricing is $80 per opening for 10 openings (our minimum project).
(To clarify, one opening is a bay window with 3 or 5 panes of glass – as long as all attached in one window, or a door, or a single window on its own).

All work is warrantied for 10 years.

This is the best time to take care of this project, and, as such, our spots fill very fast. We are currently booking about 2 weeks out.