Are your windows wet on winter mornings?     Are you tired of waking up on the cold winter mornings, to find that your windows are fogged up and in some cases, have ice on the bottom corners? Do you have mold growing at the base of your windows?  Is the wood trim swelling, or your paint cracking because of… Read more »

Warranty for Windows. offers a full 5 year parts and labour warranty against seal failure on all replacement thermal glass in vinyl residential windows. Should the seals fail on your windows in regular residential use, we will supply and install the exact same unit for no cost to you in the first 5 years after our install. Warranty is… Read more »

Curved Window Glass Broken? Our window glass replacement is not limited to just square or rectangular glass, custom templating allows us to replace the glass in a variety of shaped windows, from a simple curved top, to a completely round window.  Contact us today to have your curved window glass replaced, or click here to get an immediate quote now!… Read more »

Why an online quote system? How does that work?   When we introduced our online quote system through our website, people wondered how it was going to work?  “How can you accurately quote my job without seeing the window?” they would ask.  That’s a great question – and one we will address here. This system ensures that all the information… Read more »

When comes to your home to fix your window, we look at your whole window. We are the only full service residential window repair specialist in the GTA. We will NEVER try to sell you new windows, and we are the experts in window repairs. Every service call comes with our 12 Point Quality Inspection. Your windows, when well… Read more »

Why choose   From our humble beginnings as a handyman service to the people in the Oakville area, we have continually strived to be the best at what we do. It’s simple. We do what we say we are going to do. That means showing up! That means giving you a fast email detailed quote for the work you… Read more »

An open and shut case? When windows don’t behave as they should, we panic. Let’s face it, they are just supposed to be there, working, opening and closing and allowing us to look out them, right? Until they don’t any more. And of course, spring is here. Spring with the sounds of birds, the smell of the fresh mown grass… Read more »

If you have called us about replacing a broken window crank in your window these are the instructions to measure the crank. Please remove the screen from your windows in order to give us the clearest picture. If your window can be opened and closed (manually), take a tape measure and measure the long arm and of the crank as… Read more »

Is your window glass foggy between the two panes? Do you live in the Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga or GTA area? Are you looking through your windows but seeing fog between the panes? Foggy glass, and maybe even water at the bottom of the window between the panes from the condensation that has built up? repairs foggy windows in… Read more »