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An open and shut case?

Broken Window Crank (The rustiest we have ever seen!)

Broken Window Crank (The rustiest we have ever seen!)

When windows don’t behave as they should, we panic. Let’s face it, they are just supposed to be there, working, opening and closing and allowing us to look out them, right?

Until they don’t any more.

And of course, spring is here. Spring with the sounds of birds, the smell of the fresh mown grass and lily of the valley wafting up through our open windows into the room, filling the room with awesome fresh air. Who doesn’t want to open up all their windows nice and wide and let the air in? I know I do.

When the day comes that your crank operating window won’t open any more, or even worse (and more common) won’t close properly (as was in the case of the rusty crank above) just send us a quick email and we will take care of the replacement of your crank THE VERY SAME DAY! We work in the Greater Toronto Area, Halton Hills, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas.

Have a quick look here and send us a quick picture of the crank and requested info, and we’ll let you know what your price is, and get that window opening and closing in no time!

Have a bunch of windows that aren’t cooperating? YES! We offer volume discounts for quantities of 3 or more, and again for quantities of 6 or more.

Before you call

Make sure you have checked out all the information on this post before you email us so that we can give you pricing to get your cranks back working for you.

Why call specializes in the repair of residential windows in the Greater Toronto Area. We pride ourselves on our unsurpassed levels of quality, efficiency, and customer service. A call to us guarantees the work will be done, on time, and with exceptional workmanship.