Don’t wait to fix a broken hinge! If damaged, they should be immediately replaced to prevent windows from falling.

When your window hinge (metal part on top and bottom that attaches window to your home) breaks, your window is in danger of falling off and it must be replaced immediately.

The two most common reasons for hinge breakage are:

1. Rusting at the base. Caused by improper drainage on the window (which we repair) or installation issues and

2. Wind. If a window is open during heavy winds (often on the top floor of a townhome) the wind can rip the window off its bottom hinge, leaving the window dangling and in danger of falling off.

Our qualified technicians will safely replace the top and bottom hinges of your window, and complete our WindowFix 12 point quality inspection on your window to ensure that all aspects of your window are working properly.

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