When the windows and doors were initially installed in your home, all the edges were caulked at that time to ensure a full seal between the hole where the door or window goes, and your home. Over time, with house settling, this joint is often broken and a failed caulking seal allows water into your home, as well as air and heat (and cooling) loss, costing you money, and risking the integrity of your home and your windows.

At WindowFix.ca, we offer full exterior window caulking services that are second to none. Our qualified professional caulking technicians first remove all the original exterior caulking, and then they prep the surface and fill in any obvious voids in the space with foam backer rod prior to caulking in a commercial grade sealant. We tool the caulking to a neat and clean finish, to ensure a full strength bond. All caulking projects come with our 15 year parts and labour warranty.

With new caulking, your windows will be properly sealed from the elements.  Many of our clients comment on how much quieter (and warmer in winter) their home is after having their caulking replaced.

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We would be happy to take care of your exterior caulking. We price per opening on the house, so for example, the garage door, front door, windows, sliding door, basement windows are all openings. If you count all the openings on your home, we price per opening to remove all existing caulking, fill in any voids with foam, and professionally recaulk in the colour of your choice.

We warranty our work for 10 years.

We do exterior home caulking year round, as we use a commercial grade sealant that cures even in negative temperatures.